Save time and reduce your job search process and land your dream job.  Whether you are currently unemployed, career transitioning, or desire earnings increase, this program will reduce the  time and stress of the job search process. The longer your job search time can negatively impact your household due to substantial income loss.   I will guide you every step of the way until you get an OFFER!


What to Expect

A customized combination of Career ROI documents & Job Search services, that will position and prepare   you for more interview requests. Let me alleviate the stress and make the job search easy for you to focus on interviewing and getting hired.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

 1. Career Profile & Job Search Strategy Creation

  • During the initial consultation, I will learn about your career goals, experience, accomplishments, and other relevant specifications that will provide me enough information to create a job search strategy based on your needs. 

  • I write all of your Career ROI documents (Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn Profile, and Bio), help define your personal brand, provide lead list of job opportunities, show you how to network, and connect you to recruiters and hiring managers. 

  2. Interview Preparation

  • I will ensure that you will have the resources and tools to be prepared for the interview process by researching companies,  providing interview tips, and conducting mock interviews

  • I will create follow-up communication strategy, for recruiters, hiring managers and others involved in interviewing process.  I will provide all templates for via email communication such as follow-ups and thank you letters.

 3. Salary & Benefits Negotiations

  • Once an offer or offers begin to come in, I will evaluate your offer/offers and assist with salary and benefits negotiation.


 Investment: starts at $1,200.00