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Crafting solutions to your

workforce challenges.

Whether your company is making the tough decision to downsize or looking to hire new talent, we can help.


Outplacement Services

that show you care.

Facing a reduction in force (RIF) can be difficult but providing Outplacement Services is the perfect opportunity to show compassion and save face with both exiting and remaining employees.


Hunting to Hired helps organizations like yours develop Outplacement programs that encourage your displaced employees to overcome the anger, frustration, and fear associated with involuntary termination by giving them the resources needed to confidently approach a new job search.

Working Silhouettes

 Our Outplacement Services 


Receive professional documents that precisely reflect experience and qualities.

Screen Shot 2020-11-09 at 8.31.55 PM.png



Find high-compatibility 

dream jobs through targeted searches.


Create a professional, engagement-ready presences online.



Get set-up for success with live mock interviews and practice questions.

Did you know?

Displaced employees who use their company's Outplacement resources

find a job quicker than their non-program counterparts?

Protect your brand.

When exiting employees are kindly offered Outplacement Services, they're less likely to trash your company via social media and job review sites such as Glassdoor.

Here are some other brand-saving reasons why your organization should implement an Outplacement strategy, today:

Fortifies your brand reputation and company image

Boosts the morale of remaining employees

Serves as an intriguing benefit for prospective employees

Reduces the possibility of termination-related lawsuits

Increases the likelihood of future recommendations from former employees

Get started with Outplacement Services, today.

Don't wait until you have one, or several, bad reviews from angry former employees. Be proactive and show your entire workforce that you're an employer who cares by investing in an Outplacement strategy now! 

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