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Helping you make new hires,

the smarter, faster way.

We give your company the tools and guidance needed to recruit new talent right now or further down the road. 


Recruitment Process Outsourcing

for quick hires.

Does your company need to fill a vacancy as soon as possible? Recruitment Process Outsourcing, or RPO, is a Human Resources service that involves a third-party organization and the management of some or all of a company's recruitment functions to fulfill immediate hiring needs.


Hunting to Hired is a proud RPO vendor, offering a solid range of Recruitment Services including access to our very own Premium Talent Pipeline of high-performing candidates to organizations that are looking to fill vacant roles or expand their workforce with newly created positions.

Business Consultation

 Our RPO Services 

Sourcing Only

We will conduct a quick but thorough search for top talent to suggest for interviewing, starting with our own Premium Talent Pipeline of corporate-ready candidates. 

Full Recruitment Package

We adopt a total consulting approach to finding your new hire by managing the entire recruitment process including, but not limited to, developing job descriptions, sourcing talent, and managing interviews, follow-ups, and offers. 


Why choose RPO?

There can be a number of reasons why a company may consider outsourcing recruitment tasks. These can include low bandwidth, being short-staffed, lack of expertise, and more.


Luckily, taking control of corporate recruitment is made easy with Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Here are some key benefits of RPO:

Quickly find new talent to takeover vacant roles

Allow the in-house HR team to focus on day-to-day work

Partner with an unbiased, talent-focused expert

Gain a competitive edge over your industry counterparts

Did you know?

Corporate job posts attract an average of 250 resumes per post.

Let us save your time and help you avoid the headache of sifting through hundreds of unqualified applicants. 


Talent Acquisition

for the long term.

Develop more agile, thought-leading teams and departments with a strong Talent Acquisition strategy.

For us, Talent Acquisition is a perpetual HR process that not only defines the types of professionals a company needs to hire according to the organization's overarching business goals and needs, but it also outlines the recruitment and onboarding of new talent.

Our Talent Acquisition services carry your business into the future of expertise and innovation by helping you map-out an end-to-end hiring plan that aligns with your company's vision and values.

Team Meeting

 Our Talent Acquisition Process 


 Create a Hiring Strategy 

We will take a deeper look at your company's plans for growth and innovation in order to understand what types of skills and human resources are needed to achieve the organization's long-term vision.


 Audit and Develop Employer Branding 

We will help you assess the current standing of your company's brand to ensure that you're being received as strong, positive, reputable, and attractive to prospective employees.


 Manage Candidate Relationships 

We help you plan the candidate experience for your company. This defines how your employees interact and communicate with candidates up until the moment they are pipelined, hired or rejected.


 Actively Recruit 

We will help you source, evaluate, and hire new talent using our Full Recruitment Package where we fully manage the end-to-end recruiting process in order to fill existing and created vacancies. This includes access to our Premium Talent Pipeline of standout corporate professionals.


 Implement Onboarding Strategy 

We go beyond paperwork and policy reviews to orient new hires. We will help your company establish a streamlined process for acclimating new employees to their new surroundings, new teams, and new responsibilities in order to fully integrate them into the company culture and boost their confidence in their role.

What does your company need?

Recruitment vs Talent Acquisition

Recruitment is for immediate needs.

Choose Recruitment or RPO services when you have an existing or created role that needs to be filled ASAP.

Talent Acquisition is for the long-term.

Choose Talent Acquisition services when your company needs to develop an ongoing strategy around who, how, and when to hire for specific skills that align with the organization's growth plans.

We create smarter and faster hiring solutions.

Reach out to us today to see how we can help you.

All of our new talent services give your company access to our

Premium Talent Pipeline of high-caliber candidates.

Our talent pipeline is a collection of the best and brightest corporate professionals within our network who possess coveted characteristics and a wide range of specialized skills.

When you work with us, we will help you quickly identify qualified candidates to interview, hire, or add to your own talent pipeline for future consideration.

Highly motivated

Proven to take initiative

Invested in their professional growth and development

Experienced in a variety of industries including finance, technology, healthcare, and more

Premium Pipeline
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"Double Line has hired two individuals through Hunting to Hired. Both individuals were strong interviewees and were more well prepared than other candidates we considered. I am thankful that Hunting to Hired helped these two individuals find Double Line."


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