Andrea Zellner

Dallas, TX

"Ann's passion for helping people is like no other. Ann has helped me in every step of my career. She prepped me for my interview of my current corporate job where I have been at for the past 5 years. She has a way of making you shine on your resume. Her years working in the corporate work have allowed her to learn the ins and outs and maintain valuable relationships with top recruiters."

Jesseca Alexander

Ft. Worth, TX

"Ann Taylor has been helping me since 2009; when she helped me with my resume and prepared me for my interview for my first teller position. Fast forward to 2018 and she is still my go-to person when preparing for interviews. I’m part of a military family so we move around quite a bit. I work in healthcare, and she’s been able to help vamp up my resume as well as prepare me for interviews with each move!  Because of her help, advice and guidance, I’ve had multiple offers from different hospitals and can CHOOSE be best fit! She’s always willing to coach; day or night. Whether it’s prepping for an interview, asking what to wear, or just doubting yourself, she’s got your back. Ann is great at networking, she's knows people in every industry and for me, has helped with job placement. She’s versatile and can work with anyone from corporate America, healthcare, small business owner's you name it! She makes you a priority and sets you up for success!"

Alysia Lacey

The Colony, TX

"Ann Taylor has been helping me mold my resume prepare for interviews since 2011. Even though I have only had one company change, I have had multiple changes in positions & always immediately contact Ann to make me shine! With my recent company change also came an industry change & it was Ann who was able to make me stand out on paper which allowed me the opportunity to kill the interviews. Not only has Ann been my go-to while navigating through Corporate America, but I have also sought Ann’s assistance for others in all types of situations. I have personally seen Ann assist with individuals with large employment gaps, minimal work history & minimum experience. I would & do recommend Ann to everyone I know. You are only doing yourself a disservice by going through the job search process alone when there is someone like Ann who wants to help. She’s the best!!"

Ashley Edney

Irving, TX

"After leaving the workforce in 2010 to stay home for a year to be with my new baby I was struggling to re-enter the workforce with the resume I created.  I could not understand what about my resume was not standing out. Ann created me a new resume, my phone and email were going crazy with phone interviews and next steps in the hiring process. My job search was over in less than 30 days I was hired!"

Danyelle Vasquez

Wichita Falls, TX

"Since 2013 Ann has assisted in entering the professional world in multiple ways. When I first graduated from MSU, I had only waitressing, and customer service experience under my belt. Even with minimum experience, Ann helped me prepare my resume, and with much advice, she made me realize that I was more prepared than I thought I was. From only having server experience, to entering the education field, and now obtaining employment through a State agency, Ann has been a key factor in every step of my professional success. With her assistance, I feel confident in submitting my resume and interviewing for any position."

Robyn & Brandon Lee

Dallas, TX

"Ann Taylor has helped my husband & I advance our careers over the past ten years.  Ann can help your career in many ways. She will find the best available job match from her vast and knowledgeable resources. Then Ann maximizes your chances with a unique resume,   that sets you apart from other candidates. You will be prepared and confident interviewing . She provides you with focus and tools needed to land your dream job. She has done this countless times in our career. Thanks for all you have done over the years! I will always go to Ann for career advice!"

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